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Our  Referral  Program

As with most small businesses, referrals are our favourite way to get new business! We LOVE that you were so excited about our work that you would recommend our services to your loved ones! Thank being said, we wanted a way to say THANK YOU for doing that, it means so much!

Here's how it works:

1 - After your session, ask for some referral cards! If you forget, we can always mail some to you!

2 - Write your name on them, and give them to family and friends!

3 - When they book with Samantha Jeanine and hand in that referral card, you get rewarded!

For every card handed in, you can choose to receive 10% off your next session, or 10% off any print products from your previous session!

Two cards gets you 20% off, and so on..

If you've previously enjoyed a session with us, just email with your mailing address to request some cards, and we'll get them out right away!

Thanks for choosing Samantha Jeanine, Photographer!

xoxo,  Samantha