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  • Samantha Haan

Liz & Stephan [Chilliwack Engagement Session]

It's not even funny how far behind I am on's just one of those things that doesn't quite come naturally so it always gets pushed to the back burner, especially when there's more important/fun things to do! And I always think I need to go back to where I left off and go in order, but I just really didn't want to go through all that work to show off this beautiful engagement session!

This session really spoke to me. Real talk: I am so passionate about what I do, but because I've tried to slow down a bit since I had my son last year, it's easy for me to feel like I'm maybe worse at taking photos than when I was when I was shooting basically full time and constantly creating and editing photos. Which is silly right?! Any other photographers our there that have felt like this? Between being on vacation and having two different sicknesses come through our house, I hadn't shot anything in over a month, and you know what?! This is one of my favourite sessions ever! That light, those mountains! Plus, Liz & Stephan are some of the kindest and most genuine humans I've ever met, which definitely helped things ;) This session breathed life into me, and I'm so excited to share it! Let me know what you think!

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