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  • Samantha Haan

Jurian & Lois - Chilliwack Travel Themed Wedding

As soon as I met with Lois and she started telling me about her then fiance, Jurian, and all their adventures together, I knew their wedding would be so much fun to shoot! And I was not wrong! ;) Jurian showed up to pick Lois up in an old VW bug, wearing a baby blue jacket and a huge grin on his face, and that pretty much sums up the feel of the entire day! With no official bridal party, we were able use most of our time to get an amazing variety of bridal portraits, worthy of world travellers! I loved the elegant simplicity of their day, and I think that vibe is showcased perfectly in their photos :)


Hair: Montana's Bridal Hair

Florist: Blossom with Quik Pik

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