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  • Samantha Haan

Arn & Johanna [Chilliwack Wedding]

We started out Arn & Johanna's November wedding day beautifully with an emotional first look. After some portraits at a family friend's gorgeous property, we headed to a 'mini reception' over at Mt. Cheam Christian School, where Johanna is a teacher! As a wedding photographer, this was one of the most unique things I've witnessed as part of a wedding day! Johanna's students were beyond excited to see her all dressed up, and they had prepared all sorts of fun things for their teacher! They each got a letter of her new last name, and presented a gift that began with that letter. Then they got to eat some cupcakes and giggle away while Johanna had to look at a slide show of reeeally close up photos and take a guess at which student they were of! After a lovely song and some favours from the bride and groom, the students had to get back to classes and we continued on with the day.

We made a stop for lunch and then gathered the bridal party for their photos! The sky was looking a little scary, but the rain held off while we made a few stops around eastern Chilliwack. The Cheam Wetlands was our last stop, and it did not disappoint! The moody sky and the late fall foliage made for an absolutely stunning backdrop! After heading back for some family photos, we were off to the ceremony, where Arn & Johanna officially became husband and wife. <3 As you scroll, be sure to check out the photos from the school reception below - Johanna's students were beyond adorable!

Hair: Liz Denbok & Martha Guliker

Florist: Wild Ivy Designs

Dress: Champagne & Lace

Favours: DeVry Greenhouses

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