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  • Samantha Haan

Ashley & Christoph - Sunrise Engagement Session [Tulips of the Valley]

I was trying to decide what to put on the blog for Valentines day, and I thought this engagement session at Tulips of the Valley in Chilliwack was perfect! Yes, it was in the spring time, but all that colour just screams romance to me!

Ashley is my cousin, so when I heard she and Christoph were engaged, I obviously had to do a session for them ;) When the tulip festival was on, I threw out the idea of doing a sunrise session there, and depsite not being a morning person, she was all for it! I have to admit, I am not much of a morning person either (we're talking getting up at 4:30am to be there), but I can be persuaded to get up for this level of gorgeous! Check it out below! <3

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